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Bookkeeping focuses on recording and organizing financial data into your accounting system. This process ensures transactions are accurate and up-to-date which in turn assures you that all reporting will be accurate. 


Reconciliation of key accounts on a monthly basis benefits your business by allowing you to compare your bank statement balances with your accounting system. This allows you to track any outstanding transactions that have not actually cleared your bank. If any mistakes are found or corrections need to be made, they can be done so on a timely basis to keep your business balances correct.


If you find you need assistance with invoicing, collections or overall customer management, we can help. Having a good billing system in place is necessary for your businesses cash flow. We can assist with implementing a billing system and integrating it with your accounting system.

You may find that you also need assistance with paying your businesses bills, writing checks or overall vendor management. If so, we can also help automate your process so your workflow is as streamlined as possible.


Are you behind on bookkeeping or don't have a set of books in place for your business? Is it tax prep time and you don't have anything for your CPA? Are all of your receipts sitting in a box and your CPA won't accept them? If this sounds like you, please contact us to help get your businesses bookkeeping caught up in a timely manner. 

If you have a set of books that are a mess or haven't been touched all year or in years, please reach out. We can assist clean-up any accounting system. 


Businesses need accounting system to keep track of their transactions. These systems can include QBO, QB Desktop, Xero or any system already in place. Regardless of the system being used, the most important question is whether it is being utilized in the most beneficial way to your company.

IMC can assist with QBO and QB setup or functionality of your existing accounting system. We can help with different aspects of the system such as utilization, staff training or workflow procedures.

Bookkeeping Services: Price List
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